About Us

We are building an intelligent platform to facilitate dental services in terms of offering the best dental provider We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality medical treatment, regardless of home country or income level. Implacoin is a cryptocoin specifically developed for the medical sector with the power to erase geographical and linguistic barriers, making global healthcare more equal.

The Implacoin Ecosystem

Easy access to dental services for all the people in the world via crypto and blockchain-baked telemedicine platform

Easy to use

A user-friendly mobile app as an entry point to the innovative blockchain-powered ecosystem

Flexible and super-fast payments

Implacoin has a built-in a payment solution for the dental industry

High level of security

We've implemented additional protection mechanisms for patients and practitioners

A coin that benefits
the masses!

More than 30 years of experience in dentistry and technology sphere allowed our team to identify pain points and problems patients and practitioners face every day and launch a project to solve them.

Implacoin is designed to bring crypto-currency to mass-adoption. By creating a stable, cryptocurrency specifically for use in the medical implant space, we aim to break the barriers that have prevented many everyday users from buying and spending cryptocurrency. Simultaneously, we can improve access to medical innovations worldwide and invest in research to make future innovations possible.

Secured Payment

One Click Application

Medical innovation

Insured Transactions