The Implacoin Crypto Card Has Landed

Pocket the #1 Implacoin Crypto Card to spend IDI and 12 other cryptocurrencies, wherever you are in the world.


Spend IDI in 46m+ stores


Supports 13 cryptocurrencies


State-of-the-art encryption


Up to 1% cashback on all purchases


See your balance in the Implacoin app

Spend 13 cryptocurrencies, anywhere in the world

Spend IDI, BTC, ETH, and 10 other cryptocurrencies in any store that accepts global debit cards: that gives you over 46 million places to pay with your cryptocurrency.

We’re making crypto useful in everyday life.


Get up to 7.6%* rewards on all idle funds

The Implacoin Card makes your money work for you.

Our in-house staking program offers up to 7.6%* rewards per year on all idle card balances, paid monthly, in return for supporting our blockchain operations.

Simply deposit funds, receive up to 7.6%* rewards, and spend the extra money whenever, wherever, you choose.

Earn up to 1% cashback on everything you buy

The Implacoin Card offers up to 1% cashback, every time you buy something with the card.

We credit your balance in IDI, letting you spend the funds immediately — or stake them for as much as 6.5% extra rewards.


Keep your crypto as crypto, right up until you spend it

We keep your crypto as crypto, right up until you spend it, meaning you don’t need to load the card from your wallet.

Your funds stay in your preferred currency, there’s no extra transaction before you spend, and you can keep on trading until you choose to use your funds.

Plus, merchants receive fiat automatically, making life easy for all.


No fees. No fuss. Just a card that works for you

Even the basic Implacoin Card is entirely cost-free — never pay for anything, aside from what you buy.

Zero account fees

Zero transaction fees

Zero withdrawal fees

A revolution in keeping control over your funds

With the Implacoin Card, only you can access your funds.

No bank can touch them. No third-party can get near them. Plus, transactions are both private and anonymous. You’re even insured against fraud and other malicious activities.

You’re in full control at every step.


A familiar digital banking experience

Use your Implacoin Card like you use your bank account: get your salary paid in, receive up to 7.6%* rewards, and spend as you go.

You can even use your IBAN to receive funds and enjoy the benefits of SEPA. So what’s the big difference?

We’re powered by the blockchain and enhanced by crypto.


Enjoy partner benefits and money-can’t-buy experiences

The Implacoin Cards have something for everyone. Enjoy unique offers and member benefits, all year round, every day of your life.

Extra cashback and discounts from select partners

Unique travel experiences to uncharted territories

Exclusive entry to airport lounges across the world

Covering luxury, travel, and more: if you want it, chances are — one of the Implacoin Cards offers it.

Your Implacoin Card Awaits


Pocket the world’s #1 luxury crypto card to spend IDI and 12 other cryptocurrencies, wherever you are in the world.

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