Innovative Technology

A fresh start for dental practitioners

The educational process for dentists is costly nowadays. Getting through college and setting up a practice will cost up to $250,000. This limits the opportunities for young professionals to grow their business. However, new mobile dental unit (MDU) technology can remedy this situation. With MDUs, practitioners use a van and equip it with a toolset that enables them to service patients on demand (the drill, a portable x-ray machine, computer to take and interpret radiographs, etc.). The typical cost of setting up such an operation is around $75,000 – far less than an offline office. With this technology, dentists can start their own practice at a much earlier stage in their career and serve a larger number of patients. We will develop our own prototype of a lightweight MDU that can be quickly launched in any country. This will lead to growth in the network and creation of more jobs and opportunities for dental professionals.


Reduced costs

Implacoin MDU program facilitates the launch of dental practices with noticeably less funds


Talent support

Provision of resources for starting a dentistry franchise using MDU and earning profit within 12 months


Global reach

Our own prototype of a lightweight MDU that can be launched quickly in any geographical location


Investment opportunities

Participate in our dentistry franchise as an investor, and get a stake in a new dentistry or in the MDU cabinet

MDU franchise dentistry concept

Implacoin MDU program allows dental professionals to launch their own dental practices with noticeably less funds

MDU Franchise Dentistry Concept
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