Our Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Mehdi Hashemi is the director and co-founder of 0900dentist B.V., which is a prominent dental practice in the center of Amsterdam that was established 20 years ago. In addition, he has set up Implex Medical which is a digital dental laboratory. Dr. Hashemi also owns a dental and medical supply business in Hong Kong with his partners.

He is a member of the HLD Dental & Medical technology group of companies and has recently opened 0900implant Academy Amsterdam which is allocated to online webinar education. Dr. Hashemi’s interest has now expanded to create the first blockchain-powered platform for the dental industry. He has sound knowledge of financial and legal strategies of blockchain and applying them to the healthcare sector.



Gerrit Maten, Msc.Eng, MBA programs, Twente University. Mr. Maten demonstrates a successful record of accomplishments in operational and strategic leadership roles, IT/engineering and project management. He has been employed by Royal Dutch Navy, Royal Dutch Shell, Thomasson International, Vredestein, Arcadis, KLM Aerocarto and UAE property developer Nakheel.

Mr. Maten held strategic boardroom positions and was very successful in turning loss into profit and growth as a Managing Director. He has resided in the Middle East, Norway, China and EU where he has controlled multi million-euro projects. In addition to being a strategic thinker and creative solution provider /organizer, he feels at ease with IT, engineering, block-chain applications, managing multicultural teams, financial structuring and business planning.


CTO & Blockchain Architect

Jean-Pierre is a blockchain architect and chief technology officer of Implacoin projects. He has vast experience in web and application design and has been working with 0900Dentist B.V. since 2015.

His prior experience includes UX/UI, SEO/SEM, IT engineering and webmaster management. He is a highly driven professional specializing in quantitative data analysis, strategist advisory, and process management. With Strong technical knowledge, hands-on experience in application development and creative problem solving abilities, Jean-Pierre always ensures operational excellence.



Eric-Jan is an experienced tax and accounting expert and a partner at Staerk (an accounting and advisory organization in Amsterdam and Barneveld). He has previously worked for large firms such as Deloitte and Baker Tilly before setting up his own business in 2007.

He helps Dutch technology and gaming startups, small and medium businesses and individuals with large amounts of assets, by providing them with accounting and tax advisory.



Dr. Raquel Zita is Dental Medical Doctor by the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Oporto (FMDUP) with a Postgraduate degree in Implantology (Bränemark Institute in Gothenburg and Maxilla-Facial Surgery Ward at Västerås Hospital, Sweden). She has partaken in a specialization Course in Implantology at University of Oporto (FMDUP), has a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Implantology from FMDUP and PhD degree (Oral Surgery, Implantology) from FMDUP.

In addition she is a Certified Oral Surgeon (specialist in oral surgery) by the Portuguese Dental Medicine Association, Owner of private Dental clinics (Clinica Médico-Dentária RZ:JM, Managing partner) in Porto and in Albergaria-a-Velha (Aveiro), where she exclusively performs Implantology, Surgery and Oral Rehabilitation. Moreover, she is doing advanced surgeries and implantology in collaboration with 0900dentist b.v. clinic in Amsterdam.

Paul Mertens


Paul graduated in financial planning, economics and Insurance from the “Hogeschool Brabant/Amsterdam ”. He has worked in several positions for multiple bank -Insurance companies like ASR, Erasmus Rotterdam and Delta-Lloyd in Amsterdam. Moreover, he has worked for many years as a sales manager and business development manager in the dental implant industry for several internationally known companies, including Henry Schein, MIS Implants, Keystone Dental and Phibo.

During this time he has taken part in numerous courses and training-educational programs. In the last few years he has worked for Phibo in CADCAM in addition to Dental solutions and implantology.



Dr Roozbeh Qodratnama is a biotechnologist who has earned his MSc in Stem Cell Technology and PhD in Tissue Engineering. He has worked in areas such as Market Access, International Business Development and Finance in London, Dubai and Hamburg.

As an innovation consultant, he supports the growth of innovative SMEs through innovation and investment management and is active in the interface of medical and blockchain technology.



Mr. Peter Cheung Kok Wan became the Business Manager of the Dental Department at Franken’s and Jardine Group, Hong Kong in 1972. In 1982 he started working as the Managing Director of MECO Dental & Medical Supplies Co. Limited, Hong Kong.

He established Shenzhen Mecodent in 1995 and Shenzhen High-Tech Dental Technology Limited in 2007. He became the director of Hainam Stomatological Hospital in 1995 and has had the role of Managing director of Beijing HLD Dental Laboratory Limited since 2000. In February 2019, Mr. Cheung joined Shenzhen HLD Medical Industry Co. In April 2019 he was established as the General manager of HLD Dental and Medical Technology (HK) Limited. With over 45 years of experience in oral medicine, equipment, operation and dental technology, he has extensive knowledge, experience and related networking resources in various fields.

Nauman Shahid

Head of Design

Nauman is a technology enthusiast, computer engineer and a day trader. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering where his research domain was IoT based. He started his career in web development and then moved towards Blockchain Development.

His prior experience includes android development, Web development, webmaster management  and day trading. He is the founder of 4visionsolutions which is a tech company working for excellence. Nauman Shahid has joined the Implacoin team as the Head of Design.


Content Creator & Editor

Maria holds a bachelor’s in international relations and European Union from the University of Groningen and a master’s degree in risk analysis from King’s College London.

In addition to her education, Maria knows 4 languages and has worked as a content provider and analyst during her career. She will be part of the Implcoin team as a content provider and editor.

Our Advisors

Marco Helder

Associate Professor

Dr Helder is an associate professor at VU Medical Center (department of oral and maxillofacial surgery) and at AMS Research Institute for Restoration and Development. He specializes in oral surgery, oral pathology, and reconstruction.

Behrouz Zandieh

Senior Scientist

Dr. Behrouz Zandieh Doulabi currently works at the Field of Oral Cell Biology. His innovative fundamental and applied science research is related to connective tissues physiology, pathology and regeneration. His multidisciplinary research includes not only Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomaterials but also Regenerative Medicine.

Tim Forouzanfar

PhD Maxillofacial surgery
Professor Forouzanfar is the head of the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. He has 18 years of experience in oral reconstructive surgery and conducts novel research on patient-specific implants and implant provenance tracking.
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