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The Implacoin team and partners have years of experience in top-level dentistry, dental surgery, reconstruction, drop-shipping medical supplies, international research and biotechnology.

We have a deep understanding of the main problem that is plaguing the industry: Decrease in the number of dentists and dental practices which limits global access to affordable and high-quality dental care for patients.
Together, our mission is to facilitate education for dental professionals and help them with setting up compliant and affordable dental practices, with access to quality materials, resources, and equipment, so they can provide better and more affordable care for their patients.

More than half of the population opt out from getting dental insurance and pay a visit to the dentist less than once a year because of the high costs. Dental care is also the top reason for medical tourism by patients seeking less expensive solutions.

Through creating an in-platform currency for dental care payments, we create an affordable alternative to flawed dental insurance programs by giving patients back the control over their dental funds and access to affordable dental care.

With no risk of counterfeiting, low risk of identity theft, and immediate settlement of transactions, blockchain and digital asset technology is the better way for the dental industry as a whole.

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