Eco System

Smart contract use case for the Dental Medical Industry

With the deployment of our own native currency we make it possible to provide pre-coded smart contracts with certain degrees of customization for example each type of renting agreement. Further, our collaboration with IDI provides the possibility of creating smart contracts in a relatively more technical and cost efficient way. Therefore, it enables Implacoin to automate the smart contracts precisely as we envision it for the users of our platform. The introduction of a smart contract solution would highly improve the efficiency of this process as nearly all the steps are suitable for implementation trough smart contracts.

If a smart contract solution would be deployed between the patient and dental practitioner the smart contract will behave logically based on its algorithm and will guarantee that all the agreed terms and conditions will be fulfilled. An example of a smart contract application for scheduling consultation and purchasing dental services process will be executed as follows:

Multiple internationals payments (up to 2 working days).

Instant payment on the blockchain with IDI.

Confidential documents not secured (e.g. e-mail sharing).

Confidential documents encrypted on mobile app.

No transparency on transactions and parties involved.

Full transparency on transactions and (smart) contract details.

Outdated contract settlements (e.g. copying, scanning).

Public & instant verification of contract settlement.