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To solve the current problems and limitations of the global dental and healthcare markets, we’ve launched a new-generation telemedicine Dapp that will make full use of the advantages of blockchain. Implacoin will have all the needed features for patients:

The Implacoin Telemedicine Dapp has plenty of features which make it useful for medical professionals. These features include but are not limited to: Teamwork opportunities, marketplace for medical supplies and educational features.

Application Features
How artificial intelligence & block chain revolutionize the world of online marketplaces


Implacoin Security Solutions


Pioneering Insurance Token

Implacoin Network members enjoy the benefit of an additional layer of protection through a custom insurance token, Implacoin-i.


Blockchain Security Advantages

Users of the Implacoin Network will benefit from the inherent security of distributed ledger technology in addition to the Implacoin-i insurance service.


Blockchain Integrity

Implacoin Network participants benefit from mitigation of threats to data integrity while making use of the Implacoin-i insurance token.


Anonymity Of Purchase

Users on the Implacoin Network will be able purchase services & goods in full anonymity in a secure and user-friendly environment



The Implacoin app integrates with existing platforms, payment portals and provides payment options of digital currencies with added discounts.

The App facilitates fiat currencies such as USD and Euro to IDI and vice versa in a seamless and simple manner. Stakeholders, i.e. patients and dentists belonging to the partner network will be able to interact with the App at all times.

To use the App, the KYC/AML verification of a credit card or bank account is required.


Practice Level Functionality

The app facilitates Telemedicine appointments (Will be a feature in the later version of the application) while allowing only trusted and verified reviews from patients who have received treatment, so it is impossible to leave reviews if no service or treatment has been received.

 It will also allow for the creation of e-invoices and receivement of payments through standard payment gateways (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, wire transfer, Ideal) or directly through IDI or via our in-platform currency. 

Another important function of this app is the Secure method of transferring patient records utilizing either proprietary software or partnering with existing providers, which will encourage and facilitate paperless administration.

Supply Chain Integration

As for the supply chain integration, the app allows fast and low-fee settlement process in fiat or Implacoin platform currency (IDI), while enabling faster and lower fee cross border settlements in case of dental tourism.


Artificial Intelligence

Booking and rescheduling appointments are simplified and less time-consuming using AI systems.

AI systems allow patients to have access to many dental services such as consultation, follow-ups, and self-monitoring from the comfort of their own homes just by providing enough data.

Our AI can also help you find the answers to any dental question you might be having, very quickly.

Our Platform Implacoin- Digital healthcare

Implacoin is a full featured telemedicine/telehealth platform that gathers numerous data points in every online consultation and turns them into actionable data.


A platform with versatile features:

Implacoin app offers a combination of innovative features to monitor patients’ health remotely, such as:

Video and Phone Consultation
Vital Signs Reading
AI Symptom Checker and Triage
Online Prescriptions and Electronic Health Records

Our Solution:

Advanced insights for better health outcomes

Our medical professionals and team of experts analyze a wide range of clinical data and work on new solutions to improve the quality of life and health of patients

More efficient quicker and more accurate clinic diagnosis by medical professionals

More in-depth data on their patients

More secure in collecting and storing patient data

A digital health one-stop shop

Implacoin Features

Vital Signs Reading

AI Symptom
Checker and Triage

Online Prescriptions and Electronic Health Records

Appointment Scheduler and Online Payments

Continuity of Care

API Integration

White-label Platform

Storing Data to Provide Clinical Insights

Why is the Implacoin app a revolutionary platform?

Allows medical professionals to make smarter decisions based on user health data

Combines quantitative and qualitative data on patients.

Eliminates the blind spots and weaknesses in health data.

Hospitals & Clinics

An end-to-end experience that increases patient acquisition and hospital affiliation Allows for partial data sharing with the permission of patients.

● Medical Knowledge & Practice
● Digital Health & State of the Art Technology
● Data Science for Critical Knowledge


An healthcare patient journey with improved operational efficiency. .

● Valuable & practical Insights about Policyholders
● Significant savings through focusing on a Preventive Health Care Model

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