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Course of 4 webinar Sponsor by 0900Implant Acadamy Amsterdam, Guided Implantology

About Webinar

Dr. Stefano is a lecturer renowned throughout Europe with his specialized topics about Guided Bone Regeneration and Guided Implantology. The online course will be dedicated to
these two the most interesting topics!

The lecturer will critically review the following issues during the 4 days training:
– Clinical protocol of the GTR and GBR techniques;
– Periodontal plastic surgery;
– Guided implantology in periodontal approach.

This is an advanced training course which combines all clinically proven information about the new technologies, methods and tools for achieving of a stable implantological and periodontal treatment result!

Webinar Timeline


Periodontal regeneration : GTR or guided tissue regeneration was introduced 30 years ago. The presentation will review the basic principles, the initial surgical technique and its evolution in 30 years. Flap design, choice of biomaterials, membranes and suturing techniques will be presented along with surgical alternatives.


The presentation will review the principles of Guided Bone Regeneration and suggest strategies to replace the missing teeth. From the single tooth replacement in the Esthetic zone and not, to multiple teeth to full arches. GBR has changed in surgical approaches and biomaterials and the presentation will teach new strategies.


Digital dentistry is becoming a reality in the dental offices. Guided implant systems have been introduced in 2000 and evolved in very safe and useful tools. This presentation will highlight the versatility of these systems and their use for diagnostics, planning and treatment of simple but also complicated cases involving Esthetics.


Periodontal Plastic Surgery has gone through many changes in the past twenty years. Surgical techniques have introduced new materials and methods. Starting from the evaluation of the problem, kind and location of the defect, kind of bio-type add prognostic factors. We will evaluate the indications and different options available to date.


Dr. Raquel Zita is Dental Medical Doctor by the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Oporto (FMDUP) and her Post-graduation in Implantology (Bränemark Institute in Gothenburg and Maxilla-Facial Surgery Ward at Västerås Hospital, Sweden)and Specialization Course in Implantology at University of Oporto (FMDUP), Master’s Degree (MSc) in Implantology at (FMDUP), PhD degree (Oral Surgery, Implantology) at (FMDUP ),Certified Oral Surgeon (specialist in oral surgery) by the Portuguese Dental Medicine Association in 2017 ,Owner of private practice Dental clinics (Clinica Médico-Dentária RZ:JM, Managing partner) in Porto and in Albergaria-a-Velha (Aveiro), performing Implantology, Surgery and Oral Rehabilitation exclusively. Also collaborating doing advance surgeries and implantology in 0900dentist b.v. clinic in Amsterdam.

Raquel Zita

Dr. Stefano Maraviglia D.D.S
Napoli, Italy

General Dentist from 1988
The periodontist and Periodontal Surgeon from 1988
Oral Surgeon from 1990
Implant Surgeon from 1993
Advanced Oral Surgery from 2005
Obtained the Implant surgery privilege from Qatari Ministery of Health
Speaker relator regarding Implantology in some National and International conferences


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