Blockchain-Powered Medical Platform

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What is IDI and IDIs?

1. Near-to-instant transactions and lower commissions

The Implacoin system is much cheaper and hundred-times faster than traditional payment systems (Visa or PayPal).

2. Simple cross-border transactions

With Implacoin the user will not pay additional fees for conducting cross-border transactions, and the settlement is almost instant.

3. Additional security level via insurance

If the Implacoin network user’ account was hacked or somehow compromised, and his/her funds have been stolen, we will reimburse these funds with IDIs.

Protecting Investors Interests

Masternodes investment in Implacoin and IDI gives investors the opportunity to take part in a project with high deman all over the world and strategically increase the demand of the coin by taking out a certain amount of coins from its total supply. Masternode establishment will also allow higher liquidity and increase the demand of the IDI asset.

Implacoin is a digital utility token with POS MN implementation, developed using the Quark algorithm. It uses Proof-of-work (POS) consensus algorithm for block verification. The IDI network is supported by a decentralized set of MNs. These nodes perform the important network functions and receive a part of the rewards per block for this. MNs support Implacoin with validating and processing transactions. They also provide network security.


The ultimate goal of IDI is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of services for dental professionals and patients.

Improved materials tracking, shipping, and control, convenient payment methods, incentivization schemes–we will give birth to a whole new industry of new entrepreneurs, that enables income potential to many who genuinely need it.

Benefits of Implacoin

Sustainable utility token

IDI is a payment method for patients and dental practitioners

Fraud protection

Implex protects users and dental practitioners against any type of fraud

Investment opportunities

The custom staking system based on the Implacoin cryptocurrencies

Swapping system

Exchange your crypto assets instantly

Fast Transactions

Instantly pay for your services with minimal commissions.

Dental ecosystem

Get treated at dozens of participating clinics.

How it all started

January 2017
Idea conception and early early development
January 2018
Legal and financial Structure Launch
December 2019
Whitepaper and Website release
January 2020
Expand and Consolidate business model
February 2020
Erc20 Token development
June 2020
Dapp Beta launch
July 2020
Open Beta launch
Sep 2020
Technical architecture and prototype build
Oct 2020
Establish Majors Exchange Listing(s)
Dec 2020
Launch of the decentralized Medical Platform

Allocation of Funding

Our main goal is to attract enough resources for solving our ambitious task.

Here is how the funding distribution will look like.

  • 30% Development and Infrastructure

  • 19% Legal Administration and Finance

  • 19% Platform Operations

  • 10% Liquidity

  • 10% Marketing, Branding & Events

  • 8% Business Development

  • 2% Company Operations Cap